Is Wordpress better than Blogger for SEO? No answer.

If only we had a dollar for each time we were asked this question, or were told that everyone should be using Wordpress because it's far superior to Blogger for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because of the wealth of SEO plugins available for it.

We'd be rich. So we were pleasantly surprised to watch this video where +Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, answers the question "Is Wordpress or Blogger better for SEO?"

And what does he say? That both can rank well and that it comes down to your Content and your Links. You should be focusing less on the SEO "prowess" of your platform and more devoting more focus to developing a user-centric content strategy. Oh, and all of those plugins you've installed? Chances are they're just making your website slower and unstable.

If SEO is your main reason for having your blog on Wordpress we'd like to encourage you to read our post "10 reasons recommending Blogger over Wordpress for most websites". If most/all of your site's needs, minus all of those SEO plugins, can be accomplished on Blogger, why are you wasting money hosting a Wordpress blog and potentially putting your site at risk of being hacked if you miss a security patch?

Just remember, you can do some amazing things with Blogger.