Hangout on Air: Custom Picasa Album Slideshows in Blogger

How did we manage to present such a potentially complex topic in under 15 minutes?! Yesterday's Hangout on Air discussed using slideshows in your blog/website, the different ways that our company has created them to fit the needs of the project and client, and a tutorial on code we've shared to implement a customizable slideshow into your own site using Picasa and JQuery.

Per the summary:

Photo slideshows are a popular feature in websites and blogs, but trying to find a solution that fits the needs of your blog/site can sometimes be a challenge. Blogger users are familiar with Picasa, the image storage solution for their blog, and many have taken advantage of the "embed slideshow" functionality that it provides. However, that default slideshow doesn't provide customization for the many ways a slideshow can be incorporated into your blog.

Following up on a previous HoA regarding RSS feeds, David shows us a variety of different approaches that his company has taken for implementing slideshows in projects, as well as an approach that uses the feed generated by Picasa to provide an easily-managed embedded slideshow functionality.

Here are the instructions referenced in the video: