Featured Blogger Site: Concentrics Restaurants

The homepage of Concentrics Restaurants

Concentrics Restaurants in Atlanta, GA creates and operates amazing restaurants. The site is built in Blogger utilizing additional Google products, designed by BoyBurnsBarn LLC, and developed by Confluent Forms LLC.

Features in the site include:
  • A unique homepage layout with a managed slideshow
  • Listings of their restaurants with an interactive "Isotope" interface generated by Google Docs
  • Navigable case studies with a unique layout and automatically generated slide shows
  • Graphical accolades in a grid interface with "zoom" feature
  • Event happening posts in a "Masonry" layout
  • Unique portfolio section with automatically generated slide shows
  • Contact pages integrated with Google Docs for form submissions

Dynamic list of restaurants generated by a Google Docs spreadsheet

Featured case study, unique layout, generated slideshow

Dynamically generate portfolio posts and grouped slideshow


  1. Just awesome Website! The killers looks - such look & feel with a free hoisting (using Blogger) the running cost of a website comes down drastically.

    Great design by BoyBurnsBarn LLC, and fantastic development by Confluent Forms LLC.


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