Lots of new Blogger functionality aims to tackle Wordpress users' main decisions

The big announcement yesterday from Blogger came in the form of a Blogger Buzz posting by Bruce Polderman, Product Manager for Blogger. LOTS of new functionality was released, and in particular, lots of functionality that strikes at the heart of "Power Bloggers" decision to go with Wordpress over Blogger.

Going for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We've long believed that the simple fact that Google owns Blogger immediately gives a Blogger site a leg up in the SEO realm; new blogs are immediately added to the search index, indexed daily, and can be found within search results in approximately 24 hrs. But that's where the SEO stopped.

In this release Blogger added much-needed SEO functionality including:

  • Site-level meta descriptions
  • Page level meta descriptions ("search description" on each page and post)
  • No-Follow link attributes

This is in addition to the Location information that you can include in your specific posts (putting in location information helps Google show targeted results to search users based on their own location and/or location-based searches).

To learn more about Blogger and Search Engine Optimization consider reading their tutorial and SEO Starter Guide.