Question: Where do my images get stored when I add them to my blog?

When you first sign in and create a new blog in Blogger, you might not know this, but you are unleashing a myriad of free services within Google that work together to provide you with a unified and transparent experience.

One of those free services is Picasa.

When you create a site in Blogger and upload your first photographs in your first album in Google's Picasa service is automatically created. All images that you upload into your blog will automatically be stored in this album. Each account is provided with 1024 megs (1 gigabyte) of storage, however, images under 2048 by 2048 pixels will not count towards this total.

Why is this information useful?
  • You can use Picasa for more than just photographs embedded in your articles, but can use them for design elements (such as background images or flourishes) throughout your site. You can upload images to the album, right-click on the image once it's uploaded to get the URL, and then use that URL in your site template.
  • You can use Picasa's photo editor, Picnik to easily retouch, resize, crop, or other common editing needs.
  • You can create albums and then export them as a dynamic slideshow to embed into your blog with easily provided HTML code.

There is a lot that you can do in Picasa and knowing where your images are being stored will come in very handy in future tips.

P.S. the image size limit was updated to match the new free size limitations


  1. That's interesting - one very good reason to keep images at 800 pixels or less.

  2. this is a revelation to me. thank you so so so much! xx

  3. Thanks .Nice information.After full of picasa web storage this facility will prompt people to use the blogger platform.Thanks a lot again


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