Feb 28, 2013

Setting up a Guest Poster submission form

We've created a number of functionalities using Blogger and Google Docs Forms as a means of creating submission forms for Blogger sites and customizing how they work. Based on a few requests we've seen we decided to undertake a new variation: creating a Guest Poster Submission functionality for Blogger!

Feb 11, 2013

Group blogging and blogging in the classroom

We normally talk about blogging as a personal project or a business project; unfortunately we often forget blogging in the classroom. Through +Google+ we've interacted with lots of educators that using blogging and +Blogger for their classrooms, both for their individual students but also as a way of tracking a class's progress. One of the problems in Blogger is that there are only 3 levels of permissions (Visitor, Author, and Admin) and no customizable granularity to the permissions of what the Author level is able to do. For instance, you can't give Authors the ability to write a post, but reserve the right to publish that post to Admins. Or you can't enable Authors to moderate comments.

+Guy Shearer reminded us of this challenge in his most recent blog post, "ClassBlogging using Blogger (a fudge)".

Feb 7, 2013

Thumbnail and summary including YouTube thumbs

Video bloggers, as well as bloggers that simply have some YouTube videos in their blog posts, have been requesting a version of our Thumbnail and Summary Script that includes the functionality for YouTube thumbnails to be created and used.