May 29, 2012

Hangout on Air: Embedding Forms on Your Blog

Today's Blogger Hangout on Air was on the subject of creating forms that you can embed into your Blogger website. These forms can be anything... polls, contact pages, feedback, reservations, anything you can think of putting into a form.

May 24, 2012

Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!)

Today we're proud to provide, free for download, our first Blogger Template for mass use, BoyBurnsBlog (named after our amazing designer even though he didn't design it). Don't forget to check out a list of all of our other templates as well!

This template was developed based on the Simple template with the goal of providing a clean, minimalist template that is good for short blog posts and photo blogging, utilizing JQuery Masonry to give it a non-linear lineup of posts.

May 10, 2012

Tip: Using Masonry to create a fluid layout for your Blog

Are you a fan of Pinterest, and like the way that they have a fluid layout of boxes down the site, seemingly haphazard, but tucked in nicely like a stone wall? Perhaps you thought to yourself, "I wish my Blogger site could look like that!" After all, there are Tumblr blog templates that have this cool look.

Using some of the tips we've already written about you can make this happen on your own site in under 30 lines of code. (clean version of the code). You can see a recent example of it in action here.

Website redesign launch of Concentrics Restaurants!

This week we're proud to announce the launch of the website redesign for Concentrics Restaurants!

Partnering with BoyBurnsBarn LLC, we've created a number of websites for Concentrics' restaurants this year including Prato, Luma on Park, and Central, and late last year we were given the green light to redesign the parent company's website. On this website we really wanted to show off.

Welcome to Concentrics Restaurants

May 1, 2012

Tip: Cropping (square) and resizing your Picasa/Blogger images

Something that we've discovered is that there is more to the crazy URL string that you get when uploading to Picasa then meets the eye. In fact, you can use that crazy URL to your advantage, having it automatically resize images (uploading a large size than having it generate small, optimized versions to your page needs) and automatically thumbnail images to a specified square dimension.