First post variation on the thumbnail and summary script

It seems as though we're getting a bit carried away with our thumbnail and summary script... we've created another one for you! This one is also by request; the desire to have the first post on an index page behave differently that the other posts on the page which are in the standard thumbnail and summary (with the small thumbnail).

What we've done in this version of the script is add two variables: firstBig and newspaper. firstBig is either a true or false value, and if set, will make the first post's image full column width instead of a small thumbnail. newspaper is an additional setting telling the script to place the post's title/link after the image instead of the default behavior of before the thumbnail and summary.

Warning! Obviously this script really needs an image in order to look good and/or work. If you don't plan on having a photo in every post, this probably is not the script for you! It also requires that the first image in your post be hosted in Picasa, Blogger's default image hosting solution.

Clean version is available here.

A sampling:

You can view this code in action here.